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Kodachrome, the real deal in color!

Kodachrome was born in 1935 as a 16 mm movie film and from 1936 also available as 35 mm slide film. If it still existed I would use Kodachrome a fair lot. But since 2010 it is no longer available. Kodachrome film was a slide film which gave really rich colors and very sharp images due to its thin emulsion. The development was a bit difficult, far more then the more common film development process E6. And at the end there were just a few places where you could let your Kodachrome slides get developed. Color in photography nowadays seems to me very blend, without any flavor. Images look all the same because a lot of it gets post processed in Lightroom. It’s almost impossible to get the same richness in color as there was with Kodachrome slides. There are some Kodachrome presets available for Lightroom and Aperture, but it’s just not the same. So let me present some Kodachrome images and show you the real deal in color photography.

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