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Leica M10

They did it again. Those german guys in their suits talking english with a weird accent. The Leica M10 has been launched and it’s a home run! It has a great sensor and all the goodies you ever wanted in a real camera. It sounds and feels like 1 million bucks and that’s were as always problems arise. If you already invested in Leica equipement you can probably trade up with some additional cash, but otherwise it’s damn expensive to get one. And you will want one, that’s for sure! If you just can’t justify spending that load of money on a camera you probably will end up with a Sony or Fuji. I’ve been there and have been shooting with different fuji camera’s such as the original X100 and the XE-1. Of course the Fuji’s won’t match up with the Leica’s in this world and the color rendition of the fuji sensors really putted me off at the end. My advice is to put your money in (Leica) premium lenses or other brand premium lenses. Lenses will give you the biggest bang for your buck. You can use them in the coming decades, which were the Leica M10 will be replaced, much too soon, by a better/newer Leica.


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