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Nikon FM series, a fine piece of Japanese enigineering

Nikon produced the FM series in the late seventies and early eighties. I personally own a FM camera which is a mechanical manual SLR camera with a center weighted exposure meter (with a built in three LED + 0 – meter). It handles very smoothly and does remember handling a Leica M series rangefinder. It doesn’t work with Nikkor G or AF lenses. Besides that, It just works great and if you interested in film photography and on a budget (a FM can be bought for approx. 100 dollar, where a Leica M6 will probably set you back a 700 dollar) it’s a must buy. Lenses are easy to find¬†and they won’t break your bank either. Buy a FE, FE2 of FM3a if you want automatic exposure. They are all sturdy, durable camera’s and a lot of fun.



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