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Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki (荒木 経惟 Araki Nobuyoshi, May 25, 1940) is a japanese photographer and contemporary artist, born in Tokyo 1940. Araki is specially known for his controversial photography of erotic and bondage scenes. This japanese style of bondage is called Kinbaku (緊縛) or Shibari (縛り). Shibari (縛り) is a Japanese word that literally means “Decoratively Tie”. His photography is even called pornographic by some. Sexuality and the death are recurring topics in his work. He published photo books about his life and the sickbed and death of his wife Yoko. He also documented the decline of his beloved cat Chiro.

Describing his bondage photographs as ‘a collaboration between the subject and the photographer’, Araki seeks to come closer to his female subjects through photography, emphasizing the role of spoken conversation between himself and the model. In his native Japan, he has attained cult status for many women who feel liberated by his readiness to photograph the expression of their desire.

Araki became famous with the photographs he made in the Tokyo’s red light district (Shinjuku, Kabuki-cho) and were bundled in his notorious book ‘Tokyo Lucky Hole’. His photo’s revealed this unknown and hidden part of Tokyo which was quite a controversy topic at that time.

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