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Sebastião Salgado

Brazilian, economist, world traveler, photographer and above all, idealist. Sebastião Salgado, a living legend photographer, started with photography when he was already in his thirties. Since then he worked on different long-term-projects all over the world. His epic photography shows his engagement with people suffering in a non-stop-changing world. Not sure what he uses for photography equipement at this moment, but for his older projects he liked to work with very fast film and a small aperture to get a great depth-of-field. Therefore there is a massive amount of details in his pictures which pulls the spectator in.

Some of his projects:

  • Serra Pelada gold mine (Brazil)
  • Oil wells on fire in Kuwait in the first Gulf war
  • The horrific photographs of genocide in Rwanda
  • Genesis, his latest proect, where he captures undamaged nature and people whom are untouched by modern society.

His work is documented in some beautiful books, which I highly recommend. Take a look at the images below and be amazed by the power of his pictures


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